Our Firm

Vassilios D. Ikonomidis, managing partner of our firm, founded, in 2002 in Athens, a law office, engaged primarily in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law as well as in cases involving “foreign elements” (especially those related to the countries of the European Union). In December 2009, the law firm under the name “V.D. Ikonomidis Law Firm” was established.

Our Firm is distinguished for its high standard legal services in specialized areas of law, combining legal tradition and experience of decades with flexibility and understanding of contemporary challenges in financial and business environment.

The scientific excellence of our members in various areas of law, the reliability and swiftness in handling the cases assigned, ensure an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to legal issues that may arise in the course of carrying any kind of business activity and constitute the basis of the Firm’s successful course until today. The professional relationships of our Firm are characterized by continuity and mutual trust, with the Firm having established an ever expanding clientele which includes Greek and international companies and groups, entrepreneurs, strategic investors and individuals.

Aim of “V.D. Ikonomidis Law Firm” is its evolution into a modern law firm, that along with the full legal expertise of its members will fully meet the growing needs and demands of each business activity. Fundamental principle of our firm is to provide high quality legal services as well as innovative and effective solutions.

Our Values and Approach

  • Quality, Consistency, Trust
  • Collaboration, Teamwork, Professionalism
  • Understanding of needs, Tailor-made legal guidance, Strategy
  • Innovative solutions, Risk prevention, Achievement of goals